How I plan to achieve my 2024 goals

How I plan to achieve my 2024 goals

I started thinking about planning for 2024 in about October. I booked off a day in November took myself to the British Library and then subsequently filled the rest of the day with tasks that weren’t to do with planning my year (this is a terrible habit that I have)!

So when I went back to planning, I first started with a review of my year. I did a similar exercise with Jay from Hustle and Heels at an event in late 2021 and found this useful to make me remember what I had accomplished but also to shine a light on stats that may have been not keeping front of mind before.

So I looked for a similar template. I happened upon this video about the Year Compass. This is a detailed review of your previous year, but mostly focusing on thoughts, feelings and action-based results rather than numbers.

I found this gave me an in depth review of my 2023. And after filling it in, my next thought was to put in place a plan of action to achieve these goals. But I drew a blank. This system isn’t meant to break down your goals into achievable objectives only come up with them. Then, the YouTube algorithm came to my rescue and gave my the answer – The 12 week year.

I’ve previously listened to the 12 week year book and loved the concept. Imagine if I could get all of my major goals achieved in 12 weeks rather than 12 months?! I was sold. The process breaks down your goals into objectives, then daily habits that will drive you forward to achieving the goal.

I found a great notion board template by HelloQori and, after her fine example, I’m going to make a plan to start in the next couple of weeks. I’m going to see how well I stick with my 12 week year plan and report how it’s going. I am notorious for packing way too many things into a day, week and year, so I’m hoping scaling back to three goals each 12 weeks will keep me focused and not so overstretched.

Is anyone else following the 12 Week Year method for 2024?


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