Ask “stupid” questions

Ask “stupid” questions

Firstly, let me start by saying that I don’t believe that any question is actually a “stupid” question. You may believe it’s stupid because the answer seems to be obvious to everyone but yourself. But, if you need the information then why would you consider it stupid to ask? You’re going to gain way more from asking the question than remaining in your ignorance.

Whenever I get into a new role, I always ask all of my “stupid” questions early on. This is because you’re expected to ask them at this point because you’re new. So why not take advantage of this phase?

But what if you’re not new? Don’t worry. It’s still a good idea to ask a question. There may be others that need the answer too. Sometimes there maybe shy members of the team or more junior members that never have the courage to ask the questions. So do it for them and everyone learns.

This also applies to asking questions over the internet. At some point in time, there maybe someone searching for the answer to your question. So help out that future someone and just ASK!

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