Perfect is the enemy of good

Perfect is the enemy of good

“Oh I can’t show that yet because it’s not perfect!”

I’m sure we’ve all had this thought. But what happens after this? More than likely, you never release anything. So you have sacrificed releasing something in a good state because you’re so concerned with making it great.

These types of thoughts and actions impedes growth.

You need to release your projects into the wild and get feedback as soon as possible so that you can continue to build on it. Yes, there’s a possibility that the audience may not like what you’re doing, but isn’t it better to get this feedback earlier so you can learn from it and either make changes or pivot entirely? Wouldn’t you rather that than sitting in your little bubble constantly working on something that may never be appreciated by anyone apart from you?

So I challenge you to release what you have into the “wild” as soon as you have that “good” state. When you have that, start asking questions and getting feedback.

You can only improve from there.

Don’t let the thought of you possibly being perfect get in the way of you actually being good.


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