The result of my first practice test is…

The result of my first practice test is…

Over the last month or so, I have been watching the Azure Fundamentals exam course on Pluralsight. I have now completed this once. After this I took a practice test to gauge:

  • how the questions would be structured
  • how difficult the test would be
  • how long I would take
  • how much of the information I actually retained

Turns out… not enough! I only got 39%, but I’m very pleased that I did this before I continued. I’ve never done a practice test before I start my notes and it was very eye-opening to what I need to focus on.

Now, I’ll begin writing my notes chapter by chapter. This is where I tend to share my notes on each chapter online. This is so, one, that I have digital copies of the text so that I can refer to them easily, and two is so that I can share them with anyone else also going through the process.

I’ve found that when I wrote and shared my notes for the ISEB Foundation course, a lot of people found them really useful, so I decided to continue this practice of sharing my notes with the AWS practitioner exam and now the Azure Fundamentals course.

As these notes will be uploaded as I finish them, they will be drip fed online. My life is pretty full on at the moment with doing FOBBS, working full-time, doing pick ups and drop offs to Summer holiday camps/nursery and generally living life so I don’t have a schedule planned. However, I don’t want this to drag on as the longer I leave it, the less I will retain, so I do plan on getting these notes done asap, but just not sure when yet.

As always, wish me luck!


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