ISTQB-ISEB Certified Tester Foundation Level Exam Notes

ISTQB-ISEB Certified Tester Foundation Level Exam Notes

I took the ISTQB-ISEB Certified Tester Foundation Level exam on 20th April 2013.

My Technique

Back then, I revised for the exam by reading the (second edition) book through twice making notes the second time through. And as I was commuting four hours a day (true facts!), I had a set of practice tests that I would work on every day on the way back from work once I had finished that first read through.

All my work paid off and I passed the exam first time. Success!

I had previously hand written my notes to make it easier to take out while commuting and pick up anywhere. But, it’s 2019. So I think adding these notes into blog posts would make them more accessible to me, the information more searchable, save the notes from fading and allow me to reduce the paper trail in my house.

This will be the page that will become the index of my exam notes for the Foundation Level. Check back here regularly to read the latest additions.

If you’re studying for the ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level exam now, please let me know what techniques you’re using to study. Are you using an online course from Udemy? Or taking one of the classroom courses? Are you going it alone like I did?

Please also share your passing mark so that others can try and roughly gauge what result each technique will give. This will help them decide which avenue to take when trying to study for themselves.

Things To Note

While I did pass the exam first time, I achieved 70% and the pass mark at the time was 65%. Although a pass is a pass, and I have since learned a lot since taking the course in 2013, I regretted not gained a higher percentage.

What Would I Do Differently

When I look back on it, I remembered that I never did fully complete my study notes. I had booked the test before finishing my revision and without being completely sure that I would pass. So I got to the point where I hadn’t properly committed the final chapter to memory. I had been going over the practice exams and was getting over the pass mark but because I was doing them so often, I pretty much knew the answers.

The exams were getting to be an unreliable indicator of how well I was doing. And I was reluctant to push the exam date back, so I took the exam without being confident I was ready. Luckily, I passed. But what if I had studied that last chapter fully? What if I had a better assortment of tests to practice on and test my knowledge? Unlike back then, I now have the resources (both financial and physical thanks to the internet) to practice from an assortment of tests. And as for the exam, I think this time, I won’t book it until I’m ready to do it, definitely after my notes are all done!

I think that if I did all  of this, I would definitely pass with a stronger result.

Next Step

I’m now trying to get back into the rhythm of continual learning. I have outlined my current plan in the post Continuing To Build Knowledge.

Good luck on your next exam!


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