AWS Cloud Practitioner: Tagging and Resource Groups

AWS Cloud Practitioner: Tagging and Resource Groups

In this short series, I outline the notes that I took while preparing for the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam.

These are my personal notes that I have made while working through the A Cloud Guru exam practitioner course. They are in no way official notes from AWS.

I would advise you that if you do use my notes to help you revise for this exam, that you use them as a supplement to the most recent information in the White PapersExam Guide and go over your knowledge with practice exam papers.

Previous notes within this blog series:

Tagging and Resource Groups

What are Tags?

  • Key-value pairs attach to AWS resources
  • Contains metadata (data about data)
  • Tags can sometimes be inherited

Resource Groups

  • Make it easy to group your resources using the tags assigned to them
  • You can group resources that share one or more tags
  • You can use automation with resource groups
  • Resource groups contain information such as:
    • Region
    • Name
    • Employee ID
    • Department
  • Resource Groups in combination with AWS Systems manager allows you to control and execute automation against entire fleets of EC2 instances, all at the push of a button.

Specific Information That Can Be Contained

  • For EC2 – Public and Private IP Addresses
  • For ELB – Port Configurations
  • For RDS – Database Engine etc

Tag Editor

  • Note: New regions may not have the full functionality on the AWS console i,e. They may not be available in the Tag Editor
  • Great for finding all your tagged resources and create new tags
  • Global service unlike the creation of normal groups on EC2 resources
  • You can search via the resource types by the tags on the resources
  • The resources will be listed in the search results
  • You can create new tags (which will take you into AWS Systems Manager)
  • Can create a query based groups using Tag Editor

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