How To Find More Time In The Day

How To Find More Time In The Day

As a mum of one who commutes to my full-time day job five days a week, I would love for the day to be longer so I could spend more time with my husband, play with my daughter or just sleep. Sadly, this isn’t possible.

We have only a finite amount of time in the day to get everything we need done. So how do you get everything done when time seems to fly by everyday?

The way I try to find more time is to really look at what I do everyday. I find those small pockets of time where I may be able to progress with my latest project. Here’s a few examples of where I’ve been able to reclaim time and, hopefully, you too may be able to find more time.

Work On Long Train Journeys

If you commute like me, utilising your train journey is a must. Sure it may seem like the best time to catch up on sleep, but even if you try and use half of that time to work on your projects you’ll be further ahead a bit everyday. These journeys are the best times to break out the laptop or tablet and keyboard as you usually have more space than when on the tube.

Read On Short Bus And Train Journeys

Constant self improvement is frequently forgotten when you’re working on your own projects, but it’s just as essential as if you’re doing training within your job.

Keeping your skills up-to-date and knowing the latest tech and tools especially in mobile development is a must. But if you fancy a break, reading a bit of fiction to help you relax every now and again will also increase your productivity by keeping your mind fresh and eager to continue on your project once you return to it.

Utilise Lunch Breaks

If you have an hour for lunch and you haven’t got anything planned, why not use that time to upskill. That’ll leave your mind free to relax with your family in the evening knowing that you’ve made some progress during the day.

Use Audiobooks Instead of Physical Books

If you’re constantly on the move I can whole heartedly recommend listening to audiobooks. They take up only the megabytes required on your listening device and can be carried around anywhere.

These devices can be actual official Kindles, iPad’s, Android tablets, or just your phone (as everyone usually had that with them no matter where they go).

With huge libraries like the ones that Audible provide, finding something you’d like to listen to can be so simple.

Use Your Bath Time

If you’re particularly prone to dropping items, then this may not be the best suggestion.

However, this is another great time to listen to audiobooks and build your skills while you relax in the bath.

Just make sure your device is a good distant away in case you do have an unforeseen accident.

Go To Sleep On Time

It’s a well proven fact that working way into the early hours only to wake up at dawn doesn’t do your body good in the long term.

Make sure you get your solid six to eight hours worth of sleep to ensure you’re rested and ready for the next day. When you’re rested you’re more likely to want to work, you’re more productive and as a result, you’ll get more done.

Cut Down or Drop TV

I know it’s hard, but cutting out watching TV could give you back hours of time you could be progressing on your projects.

If you can’t go cold turkey, count how many hours you watch TV a week and then see what programmes you could live without. See! You’ve already gained back a bit more time.

For those additional shows you just “can’t live without” why not try and watch them while you commute? So the times where you can sit at a PC and work diligently you’re not distracted by the shows you could be watching.

Make sure when you find your time you know what you’re doing. It’s no good making a plan to work when you don’t know what you’re doing.

Figure out what’s easiest to do in the time you have reclaimed and get it done.


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