AWS Cloud Practitioner: AWS Global Infrastructure

AWS Cloud Practitioner: AWS Global Infrastructure

In this short series, I outline the notes that I took while preparing for the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam.

These are my personal notes that I have made while working through the A Cloud Guru exam practitioner course. They are in no way official notes from AWS.

I would advise you that if you do use my notes to help you revise for this exam, that you use them as a supplement to the most recent information in the White PapersExam Guide and go over your knowledge with practice exam papers.

Previous notes within this blog series:

Global Infrastructures Regions and Availability Zones

Region is a geographical area that has two or more Availability Zones.

Availability Zone (AZ) is basically a Data Center. It is an area with either one or more Data Centers (building filled with servers). If there are more than one, they are counted as one AZ because they are located close together.

Edge Locations are endpoints used for caching content. There are more Edge Locations than regions.

For an up to date number of AWS Availability Zones and Regions worldwide, see the Global Infrastructure Regions and AZs page on AWS’s website.

Currently, there are 22 regions & 69 Availability Zones – September 2019.


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